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THE FLAT - a new feature documentary by Arnon Goldfinger - is one of 12 films from around the world screening at the Tribeca film festival as part of the World Documentary Competition, New York, April 2012.

"Absolutely Wonderful!"    Mel Brooks

"This marvelous film chronicles a time
that was a part of all of our lives."
  Carl Reiner


"The Komediant" was playing in the Israeli theaters
for 22 weeks and became the first Israeli documentary
in 14 years to have a theatrical release in Israel.

In Hebrew- "Hakomediantim"

In English- "The Komediant"

In French- "Les Comediens"

85 Min., Documentary

35 mm Color & B/W

English, Yiddish, Hebrew. English/French Subtitles

Director: Arnon Goldfinger

Script: Oshra Schwartz

Producer: Amir Harel

Produced by: Arnon Goldfinger, Oshra Schwartz
& Zebra productions Ltd.

Cinematographer: Yoram Millo

Editor: Einat Glaser-Zarhin

Sound: Tomer Ilan

Featuring: Mike Burstyn , Lillian Lux, Susan Burstein-Roth,

Fyvush Finkel, Shifra Lerer, Israel Becker, Mina Bern,

Bruce Adler, Mordechai Tsanin, Seymour Rechtzeit,

Nahma Sandrow, Michael Roth and Jerry The Dummy


Theatrical openings in USA:

New York, NY- April 5th at the Lincoln Plaza & Quad Cinemas
Los Angeles, CA- May 24th at the Laemmle Music Hall
Dallas, Texas- May 24th at the Angelika Film Center
Los Angeles, CA- June 14 at The Leammle's Fallbrook 7
Portland, ME- June 12th at the Movies
Great Barrington, MA- June 28th at the Triplex Great Barrington
Floral Park, NY- June 28th at the North shore Towers
Baltimore, MD- July 5th at the Charles Theater
Long Island, NY- August at the Cinema Arts Center
Chicago, IL- August 23rd at the Wilmette Theater
Indianaplis, IN- August 30th at the Keys Cinemas
Highland Park, IL- September 27th at the Highland Park Theater
Cleveland, OH- October 4th at the Shaker Square cinemas
Portland, OR- November 1st at the Hollywood Theater
Boca Raton, Florida- December 6th at the 'Regal Shadowood 16'
Fort Lauderdale, FL- December 6th at the 'Dreier Theatres - Sunrise cinema'
Tamarac, FL- December 17th at the 'Tamarac Cinema 5'
San Francisco, CA- January 10th on 'UA Galaxy 4'
And More...

and Mike Burstein

Mike Burstyn


Lillian Lux


The sad and funny saga of the famous theater family- the Bursteins,
sheds light on the short, stormy but also charming history of the
popular Yiddish theater.
The Bursteins, and other past celebrities of the Yiddish theater
tell bittersweet stories and anecdotes from the heyday of the
Yiddish theater, down to its tragic decline, in the aftermath
of the Holocaust.

The Bursteins

 "This warm, wonderful film sparkles with the wisdom and
humor of its subjects."
Kevin Thomas, LA Times

 "The Komediant, makes one thing abundantly clear. American musical comedy as we know it wouldn't exist without the precedent of
Yiddish theater, whose jolly, fun-for-fun's-sake communal spirit goes to
the essence of Broadway."
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

  "An exuberant tribute to a famed Yiddish theater family bursts
its documentary bounds to become a kind of Jewish "Sound of Music."
(Director) Arnon Goldfinger's loving look-back has a little bit of everything; generational conflicts, emotional resolutions, sweeping historical background and a sense of cultural history on the turn. It's a wonderfully multilayered musical tour through much of the last century. This unusually emotion-rich documentary is a chronicle of happy endings snatched from impending disasters."
Bob Campbell, New Jersey Star-Ledger

 "A lovely tribute to an overlooked piece of New York's history. Goldfinger does a terrific job exploring the broader history of Yiddish theater, while also homing in on the compelling story of the Burstein family itself. It's a deeply personal movie that can speak to anyone."
Elizabeth Weitzman, Daily News

 "The meaning of "born in a trunk" has rarely been as
affectingly presented onscreen as in Arnon Goldfinger and Oshra Schwartz's "The Komediant". Elegantly constructed, with real cleverness and aplomb… vividly and even caustically… as gripping as any dramatized version could be …the range of Goldfinger's coverage and research is astonishing…"
Robert Koehler, Variety

 "A dream of a documentary!! It features a relatively unfamiliar
but fascinating subject, a cast of colorful characters, and all the intrigue and family conflict of a Victorian novel…There are far too many choice moments to single any one out."
Ken Fox, TV Guide

 "A savory stuffed cabbage of showbiz lore that adeptly balances the sweet with the sour. As charming, humorous and heimisch as its nomadic subjects." Jan Stuart, Newsday

 "A linguistic stew with a zesty, homemade flavor that belies its carefully researched preparation." J. Hoberman, Village Voice

 "This marvelous documentary touches - ever so gracefully -
on the entire history of the Yiddish theater."
David Eherstein, Los Angeles New Times

 "The harum-scarum, funny and poignant world of the Yiddish theatre is thoroughly explored in this absorbing documentary about one seminal family. The Komediant is rife with the rueful, wry humor springing out of Yiddish culture. Guest interviewees like priceless veteran actor Fyvush Finkel, add to the rich flavor." David Noh, Film Journal International

 "A four - stars of David rating!! A joyous, even ecstatic experience. An exuberant tribute to the earthy, boisterous, if regrettably fading phenomenon of Yiddish theater." Robert Brustein, Forward

 "If you ever enjoyed the Marx Brothers, the Ed Sullivan show,
Las Vegas or Krusty the Clown… you owe a small debt of gratitude to the legendary Yiddish entertainer Pesach'ke Burstein."
Darren D'Addario, Time Out NY

 "Exuberant and joyous, absorbing for its entire… remarkably edited with an array of captivating archival fare. Mazel Tov, Arnon Goldfinger, for bringing us a family memoir that should have its audience kvelling and shvitzing, one which excites our interest in a flourishing
Yiddish theater that to our misfortune we will never see again."
Harvey S. Karten, Compuserve

 "One of the five best documentaries of the year."
Chicago Film critics

 "Bracing and insightful. Before our eyes, the characters colorful and compromised, exultant and dismayed, come to life, reminding us of the pain and insecurity that often limn a career in the spotlight."
Dmitri Katadotis, Hour, Montreal

 "The Komediant is a masterpiece of documentary, in which the artists ask their parent's forgiveness for letting them die without looking back… the film is multi-layered, personal, human, sentimental, intellectual, political and historical - each of these layers functions perfectly on its own; yet, they crystallize together in an excellent script, superb direction and brilliant editing, to become the perfect unity of a masterful documentary!"
Kobi Niv, Ma'ariv

 "This film is 85 minutes of delight and constant satisfaction and
it is a first class cultural treasure. Arnon Goldfinger directed an emotional portrait drawn with laughter and tears, a warm film full of anecdotes of the Burstein family - one of the greatest legends of the 20th century Yiddish theater. You should have seen the young audience at the Haifa International Film Festival, welcome Miss Burstein and her children with tears of excitement, as they climbed onto the stage after the premiere."

Yehuda Stav, Yedi'ot Achronot

 "It's the best Israeli documentary of the past years!! Don't miss it! "The Komediant" enlightens the audience and fascinates even those who are not traditional Yiddish audience, since it is made of fine universal materials… it is sewn with a thread of wisdom, and its content is beautiful and stirring." Beni Mayershoff, Ha'ir

  "My highest Recommendations. The story is skillfully told and movingly recaptures an entire nearly-lost era of Jewish culture. It is not a sentimental trip but an honest and most quality film with a real bittersweet tone. Mike Burstyn is a complete Mench!"
Calev Ben David, Jerusalem Post

 "Watching The Komediant, tears filled my eyes…
I've never seen a Yiddish play, and yet, I was fascinated and intrigued.
This is a wonderfully researched and directed, important and exiting film, that describes the Jewish culture that reached the highest peak before it
was completely rejected by the Zionist establishment in Israel…"
Orna Landau, Yedi'ot Achronot


Mike Burstyn

Lillian Lux and Pesachke

Mike Burstyn


The "Israeli Academy Award" ("Israeli Oscar") for Best documentary- 1999
The Best Documentary - Haifa International Film Festival- 1999
The Best Editing Prize - Doc Aviv- 2000
Most Favorite Documentary - Palm Springs International Film Festival- 2002
The Mykholes International Festival, Moscow- 2000
Crossroads- 2000
The Yiddish Summit, Strasbourg- 2000
Forum Des Images, Paris- 2000
Hot Docs- 2001
Imaj, Brussels- 2001 (opening film)
The Toronto Jewish Film Festival- 2001
The Montreal Jewish Film Festival- 2001
The Berlin Jewish Film Festival- 2001 (closing Film)
IsraTim, Paris- 2001
The New London Jewish Film Festival (closing film)- 2001
The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival- 2001
The Jack Wolgin Film Festival, Philadelphia- 2001
The Central Florida Jewish Film Festival, Maitland
The Boston Jewish Film Festival
The London (Ontario) Jewish Film Festival- November 2001
The Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival- November 2001
The Washington DC Jewish Film Festival- December 2001
The Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival- December 2001
The David Posnack Jewish Film Festival- January 2002
The NY Jewish Film Festival- January 2002 (closing film)
The Jacob Burns Film Center Pleasantville NY- January 2002
The Atlanta Jewish Film Festival- January 2002
3star cinema Dallas Texas- January 2002
The San Diego Jewish Film Festival- February 2002
Baxter Avenue Louisville, Kentucky- February 2002 (opening film)
The Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival- March 2002
The Greater Kansas City JCC- March 2002
The Greater Hartford Jewish Community Center- March 2002
Centre Communautaire de Paris- April 2002
The Flanzer Jcc Sarasota, Folrida- April 2002
The Brooklyn Jewish Film Festival- April 2002
The Baltimore Jewish community center- April 2002
The Seattle Jewish Film Festival- April 2002
Nickelodeon Theater Columbia, Sacramento- April 2002
The Israel Film Festival, Los Angeles (closing film)- April 2002
The Lenore Marwil Jewish Film Festival- April 2002
The Northern Virginia Jewish Film Festival- April 2002
The New Jersey Jewish Film Festival Whippany- May 2002
The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival- May 2002
Israeli Doc. Film Festival at The University of Judaism, LA- May 2002 (closing film)
Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii- May 2002
The Winnipeg Jewish Film Festival, Canada -June 2002
The St. Louis Jewish Film Festival- June 2002
Makor New York, NY- July 2002
The Rochester Jewish Film Festival, NY- July 2002
White Plains, New York- July 2002
The Long Island Jewish Film Festival- July 2002
JCC of New Orleans- July 2002
Open Air Museum Islands Festival, Berlin, Germany- August 2002
The Martha's Vineyard Hebrew center, Wes Newton- August 2002
Denver film Society, Denver CO- August 2002
The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston TX- August 2002
The Delray Beach Jewish film festival, Florida- September 2002
Augusta state university- September 2002
San Jose Jewish Film Festival, CA- October 2002
The Institue of Soutern Jewish Life, MS- October 2002
Rutgers Univ. Somerset, NJ- October 2002
Congregation Kehilath Jesurin NY, NY- October 2002
The Nashville Jewish Film Festival, TN- November 2002
Florida Atlantic region of Hadassah, Delray Beach, FL- November 2002
Hewlitt Woodmare Public Library, NY- November 2002
Virginia Festival of Jewish film, Norfolk VA- December 2002
Miami Jewish Film Festival- December 2002
Peninsula Jewish Film Festival, Williamsburg VA- December 2002
The Tucson Jewish Film Festival, Tucson AZ- January 2003
SPSS Inc. Chicago, IL- January 2003
Cornel Cinema, Ithaca NY- January 25-26th 2003
North West Film Center, Portland OR- February 2nd, 2003
The Phoenix Jewish Film Festival- February 15th 2003
The Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival, Tampa, FL- February 19th 2003
Pittsburgh Jewish Israeli Film Festival, Pittsburgh, PA- February 27th- March 16th
Memphis JCC, Memphis TN- March 3rd 2003
Madstone Centrum, Cleaved OH- May 14th 2003
The Dayton Jewish Film Festival- March 17th 2003
The Lenore Marwill Jewish Film Festival, West Boomfield, MI- April 27th 2003
Temple Beit-El, San Pedro, CA- May 18th 2003

Susan Burstein-Roth
and Jerry the dummy


The National Authority of Yiddish culture
The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & Television
The Tel Aviv Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation
The "Keshet" channel 2 Foundation
The Abraham Lerner Foundation
The National Council of Culture and Art
The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture


Lillian Lux and Mike Burstyn

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Lillian Lux and Pesachke


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